United Campus Workers of Georgia Local 3265

Join us at the Rocksprings Park in Athens and relax and hang out with your fellow workers as we enjoy some good food and fun! We will be at the pavilion with hot dogs and veggie dogs on the grill.

Take Action

The Georgia Southern chapter of UCWGA began forming in the summer of 2018 in response to the growing uncertainty generated by a mishandled consolidation and the ominous appearance of the Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR.) Our goal is to increase awareness of work and education related issues you might have experienced as a result of the consolidation. Please take a moment to fill out the brief survey to SHARE YOUR STORY and have your voice be heard. 


UCWGA is wants YOUR story on how and why your wage is not enough! We believe these stories are exactly the kind of thing that can make an impact on our elected representatives and the administrators at your Public State of GA Institution!

  • Low wages keeping you down? 
  • Health insurance coverage too expensive or inadequate? 
  • Do you work a second job just to make ends meet? 
  • Are you receiving government subsidies to help keep food on the table, heat/cool your home?
  • Have another reason? SHARE IT! 

We invite you - or people you know - to tell us your stories in written or video-recorded form. Take a short selfie vid or write it down and email it to [email protected]
Need help telling yours? Email us and we will work with you!

Recent News

We are excited to announce our new UCWGA Steering Committee!
There were six nominees for the four vacant positions on the UCW GA Steering Committee, but two of them withdrew their names, leaving four. These members have thus been elected by acclamation: 

Alex Cummings, Georgia State
Terri Dunbar, Georgia Tech
Daren Fowler, Georgia State
Laurie McDowell, Kennesaw State

Alex, Terri, Daren, and Laurie will join our continuing Steering members:
Jennifer Leyting, UGA

We had a successful Fair Wage picnic on May 1, 2019, thanks to the UGA employees, artists, and to our gracious sponsors! We look forward to this becoming an annual event.

May 1, 2019  Building on years of prior work by the Economic Justice Coalition, efforts this year by United Campus Workers of Georgia and a coalition of community partners have resulted in real progress, as UGA President Gere Morehead announced a wage increase of about 2.8% for the institution’s lowest paid workers.