Georgia Southern & Armstrong

The Georgia Southern chapter of UCWGA began forming in the summer of 2018 in response to the growing uncertainty generated by a mishandled consolidation and the ominous appearance of the Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR.)

Many promises were made to workers by the administration before the consolidation and have since then been tossed out. Faculty and Staff have watched their chances of pay raises wither away, have had to take on additional class work with no pay raise, and are experiencing starting pay rates as low as $8.50 in some departments, just to name a few issues. Additionally students on all of Georgia Southern's campuses have been effected negatively by issues such as raised tuition rates, meal plan prices, and a loss of undergraduate research positions.

We are building a united cross-campus organization of workers in order to reinstate the collective voice we lost to the consolidation and to work on issues that concern us all.