Kennesaw State University

We began forming our chapter of UCWGA in the Fall of 2018. We heard about the union from colleagues at other campuses and reached out to organize on our campus. Staff and Faculty are both experiencing a multitude of issues related to changing working conditions and USG led reorganization. The University does not seek input from employees and there is a lack of transparency and communication across campus.

We are coming together in spite of our differences, because together we can create change. 

Check out the Calendar of Events to join us at one of our upcoming meetings. 

Recent News

On May 1, 2020, UCWGA joined with other Georgia unions and workers in a car and bike protest demanding worker protections, expanded health and unemployment benefits, rent freezes, and the release of prisoners in jails and immigration detention centers. Over 100 cars participated in the caravan alongside dozens of bicycles!

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Days without response from President Whitten since our March 29 memo: 11
Days since last Coronavirus update to the KSU response page: 25

Our chapter calls for increased equity and transparency

View the PDF of our March 30 press release here:

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View the PDF of our March 29 memo here: