The United Campus Workers of Georgia (UCWGA) Local 3265 considers the right of all workers to control health decisions about their bodies that do not affect other members of society to be sac

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UCWGA is proud to announce its support for House Bill 1576, which if enacted, would provide pub

The Georgia Gwinnett College chapter of UCWGA has written an open letter to President Joseph and GGC cabinet members urging they reconsider the recent change in GGC-issued cell phone policy. We believe that the transition to “softphone” technology will be a detriment to employees and their ability to effectively communicate and engage with their students.  

Please read and sign our open letter here.

Concerns about the resumption of on-campus classes at Kennesaw State University (KSU) have been mounting since the end of the fall semester. Due to current COVID-19 infection statistics in Cobb County, the Kennesaw State chapter of United Campus Workers of Georgia (UCWGA) is calling on KSU, as our state-wide organizing committee did last month, to shift to online-only instruction and provide more support for its employees.

Events of the last two months prove the need for more caution on campus:

Steven Wrigley, USG Chancellor On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, Steven Wrigley, Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, announced his upcoming retirement.  This is great news for campus workers throughout the university system.  Chancellor Wrigley presided over a period

UCWGA-UNG supports UCWGA’s “Three Simple Demands of the Board of Regents.” Like every member of the UNG community, we are pleased that last semester’s COVID-19 case count was not higher. However, the low case count was likely impacted by: 1) the pandemic being less intense than the current level in the state of Georgia, and 2) the large volume of online and Hybrid Touchstone courses that greatly reduced campus density. Neither of these conditions will be present with the Spring 2021 term.

UCWGA’s three-fold Plan to Survive Covid-19 during Spring 2021 at USG Campuses

Workers are facing the Spring 2021 Semester with infection levels, hospitalizations, and deaths in Georgia 10 times higher than they were in late August. The public health crisis USG campuses faced in Fall Semester only looks worse for the Spring. 

[MILLEDGEVILLE, GA December 29—]This morning, the Georgia College (GC) chapter of the United Campus Workers of Georgia (UCWGA) and community supporters sent an open letter to GC president, Dr. Steve Dorman, to demand ongoing contact tracing and mandatory COVID-19 testing for all students, faculty, and staff before returning to campus for spring semester, which begins on Jan. 19. 

COVID-19 forced university closures nationwide in spring of 2020, but many institutions, including Georgia Southern, pushed to return students to campus and the classroom during the Fall 2020 semester. While course deliveries varied wildly from fully remote, to hybrid, to hyflex, to fully in-person instruction, one thing was consistent: faculty had little choice in the matter.

While we continue to work to reverse these cruel and unnecessary layoffs and stop further layoffs, workers who have already been laid off are left without health insurance, retirement benefits, and pay. Some are dealing with immediate health crises or cannot pay for housing, food, or other basic needs. Therefore, UCWGA-KSU has been raising money to help support the immediate needs of our coworkers who have been impacted by KSU’s layoffs.