The UNG chapter of UCWGA has written an open letter to President Jacobs urging stronger protections for the campus community including expanding online learning and free, frequent, and accurate COV

On Friday, August 28, 2020, the Georgia College & State University (GCSU) chapter of the United Campus Workers of Georgia (UCWGA) held our first direct action at our school’s “Public Forum Area,” with approximately 40 participants. We organized a die-in protest to urge GC’s administration and the University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents to listen to our demands to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19 on our campus, including choice in online working and learning options, free on-campus testing, quarantine housing for students, hazard pay for frontline staff, and no layoffs in the event of campus closure. 

With the fall semester set to resume on August 20, UGA’s reopening plans are still inadequate and ultimately imperil students, workers, the Athens community, and citizens of Georgia.

United Campus Workers of Georgia also said "Gov. Brian Kemp and state leaders want to maintain a business-friendly environment 'at the expense of students and workers'."

"Georgia colleges plan furloughs as lawmakers get bad news on economy." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is requesting a 14% reduction in budgets for every state agency. His justification: increased unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic will reduce state revenues. But 14% budget cuts will only deepen the profound unemployment crisis. His actions, both before and after this crisis, reveal his priorities. Kemp and the Georgia political leadership want to maintain Georgia as “business-friendly” at the expense of students and workers.

On May 1st, UCW joins a coalition of community groups, unions in solidarity with Cooperation Jackson’s Call to Action: Towards a General Strike to End the COVID-19 Crisis and Create a New World”. We will caravan to critical sites in the city where this crisis is unfolding to express support and raise demands of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.  We demand state funding for essential needs and benefits for essential workers and people:

Board of Regents Betrays Graduate Workers Again

On March 12th, 2020, the University of Georgia responded to COVID-19 by suspending face-to-face instruction for two weeks as workers implemented “business continuity plans” and prepared for the shift to online learning. Following Governor Brian Kemp’s order that all state employees work from home, UGA faculty, including graduate teaching assistants, temporarily suspended instruction and some staff began to work from home.

The UGA chapter of UCWGA is a proud member of Athens Mutual Aid Network (AMAN) a
coalition of Athens organizations and community members coming together to supporting the
most vulnerable members of Athens in the COVID-19 epidemic. AMAN’s stated goals are to
“connect people with ongoing relief efforts, collect and distribute accurate information to our
community, and advocate for critical policy actions to address unmet needs.” UCWGA stands
alongside eleven other local organizations including Athens for Everyone, Athens Immigrant

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