Since October 2020 UCWGA-KSU has been raising money to help support the immediate needs of our coworkers who have been impacted by KSU’s layoffs.  In December 2020, after raising over $2000, we made our first round of disbursements to two affected workers with urgent financial needs ranging from medical and health insurance bills, rent assistance, and other living expenses. 

Thanks to those who have continued to donate to our fundraiser we are now preparing to make a second round of disbursements. If you are someone who was laid off through the temporary or permanent reduction in force process or are a former part-time worker who was not rehired this fall or spring, let us know if you need financial assistance by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2020.

Concerns about the resumption of on-campus classes at Kennesaw State University (KSU) have been mounting since the end of the fall semester. Due to current COVID-19 infection statistics in Cobb County, the Kennesaw State chapter of United Campus Workers of Georgia (UCWGA) is calling on KSU, as our state-wide organizing committee did last month, to shift to online-only instruction and provide more support for its employees.

Events of the last two months prove the need for more caution on campus:

While we continue to work to reverse these cruel and unnecessary layoffs and stop further layoffs, workers who have already been laid off are left without health insurance, retirement benefits, and pay. Some are dealing with immediate health crises or cannot pay for housing, food, or other basic needs. Therefore, UCWGA-KSU has been raising money to help support the immediate needs of our coworkers who have been impacted by KSU’s layoffs.

All STUDENTS and WORKERS are invited to a REAL Campus Conversation about the KSU Budget and Layoffs!

Join us to hear from impacted workers, union members, and students! Join us to share your questions about what is happening on campus! Join us to collectively share ideas and solutions that work for all at KSU!

Our chapter published and distributed another press release today on the developing story of the 24 workers RIF'd (laid off) last month. 

Additionally, we published a thread of tweets explaining the problem and providing some of the data we've collected on why these layoffs were cruel, unnecessary, procedurally fraught, and potentially discriminatory.

The following guest post was written by a worker on our campus.