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United Campus Workers of Georgia at the University of Georgia fights for labor, justice and dignity for all university employees. Read about the founding of UCWGA-UGA here

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United Campus Workers of Georgia at UGA denounces UGA hosting the National Guard on campus

“While the nation continues to call for defunding the police and the militarized state, UGA seems to remain oblivious and out of touch. On Saturday, June 6th, UGA passively allowed a convoy of armored vehicles to occupy the parking lot of the Performing Arts Center, and closed off parts of North Campus to host them. The National Guard deploying to Athens was prompted by the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement’s protest for justice for Black lives. 

The email from the upper administration of UGA about plans to reopen the campus in the Fall, sent yesterday morning to all staff, tells us little about their actual process. We insist on greater transparency, and an acknowledgment of the full dimensions of the challenge.

$3.6 billion. That’s the amount Georgia state agencies will cut from their budgets in the next fiscal year in response to COVID-19. A May 1 memo from state budget leaders insists every agency must cut 14%, “with no exceptions.” This includes the University System of Georgia (USG), which previously announced anticipated losses of $350 million. The 14% cut — which amounts to over $361 million — will more than double the already devastating losses. Students and employees throughout the state are going to suffer tremendously, and the shocks will reverberate for years to come.

April was a big month for UCWGA graduate students. It marked the culmination of year-long, statewide efforts calling for the repeal of the Special Institutional Fee (SIF), which was instituted as a temporary fee after the 2008 financial crisis. Since removing the sunset clause that would have let the SIF die a natural death in 2012, the Board of Regents has voted to keep the SIF every April. The SIF is the largest individual fee and partially funds graduate teaching and research assistantships. In short, graduate students are paying to work.