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United Campus Workers of Georgia at the University of Georgia fights for labor, justice and dignity for all university employees. Read about the founding of UCWGA-UGA here

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Recent News

Board of Regents Betrays Graduate Workers Again

On March 12th, 2020, the University of Georgia responded to COVID-19 by suspending face-to-face instruction for two weeks as workers implemented “business continuity plans” and prepared for the shift to online learning. Following Governor Brian Kemp’s order that all state employees work from home, UGA faculty, including graduate teaching assistants, temporarily suspended instruction and some staff began to work from home.

The UGA chapter of UCWGA is a proud member of Athens Mutual Aid Network (AMAN) a
coalition of Athens organizations and community members coming together to supporting the
most vulnerable members of Athens in the COVID-19 epidemic. AMAN’s stated goals are to
“connect people with ongoing relief efforts, collect and distribute accurate information to our
community, and advocate for critical policy actions to address unmet needs.” UCWGA stands
alongside eleven other local organizations including Athens for Everyone, Athens Immigrant