University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia chapter of UCWGA provides a voice to all of those within the UNG community. We recognize that the fight for equity, fairness and transparency is stronger when faculty, staff and students have a way of organizing to make their voices heard.

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Recent News

UCWGA-UNG supports UCWGA’s “Three Simple Demands of the Board of Regents.” Like every member of the UNG community, we are pleased that last semester’s COVID-19 case count was not higher. However, the low case count was likely impacted by: 1) the pandemic being less intense than the current level in the state of Georgia, and 2) the large volume of online and Hybrid Touchstone courses that greatly reduced campus density. Neither of these conditions will be present with the Spring 2021 term.

The UNG chapter of UCWGA has written an open letter to President Jacobs urging stronger protections for the campus community including expanding online learning and free, frequent, and accurate COVID-19 testing available for the entire campus community. We also demand no layoffs, hazard pay for essential employees, and greater transparency and communication from the UNG administration.

Please read and sign our open letter here.