United Campus Workers of Georgia Local 3265

Recent News

Members of the United Campus Workers of Georgia are profoundly alarmed by a request received by many educators at University System of Georgia (USG) institutions across the state by Representative Dunahoo that we answer questions related to topics surrounding oppression.  We believe it is an incursion on quality education in our classrooms as well as a violation of academic freedom.

Steven Wrigley, USG Chancellor On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, Steven Wrigley, Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, announced his upcoming retirement.  This is great news for campus workers throughout the university system.  Chancellor Wrigley presided over a period

UCWGA’s three-fold Plan to Survive Covid-19 during Spring 2021 at USG Campuses

Workers are facing the Spring 2021 Semester with infection levels, hospitalizations, and deaths in Georgia 10 times higher than they were in late August. The public health crisis USG campuses faced in Fall Semester only looks worse for the Spring. 

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