The United Campus Workers of Georgia (UCWGA) Local 3265 considers the right of all workers to control health decisions about their bodies that do not affect other members of society to be sac

UCWGA is hiring for a full time local organizer position in Atlanta. Are you interested in helping to grow and sustain UCWGA?

UCWGA is proud to announce its support for House Bill 1576, which if enacted, would provide pub

At UCWGA/KSU’s May 13 membership meeting, we established a Legislative Committee to serve as a vehicle for union members to get involved with political action at the local, state and federal levels. We hope additional members will join this committee. Our immediate priority is securing federal relief for public education.

Jere W. Morehead, President
S. Jack Hu, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Ryan Nesbit, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Rahul Shrivastav, Vice President for Instruction

The email from the upper administration of UGA about plans to reopen the campus in the Fall, sent yesterday morning to all staff, tells us little about their actual process. We insist on greater transparency, and an acknowledgment of the full dimensions of the challenge.

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Your hard work has continued to keep all of our 26 institutions and the University System Office (USO) accessible and responsive in an extraordinary time, even as you have had to juggle your own personal challenges. I am grateful and proud of the way each of you has responded to our rapid shift in operations.